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Who am I? Where do I come from? and Why am I here?

As one of the first coaches in The Netherlands specialized in coaching highly gifted adults it became clear to me that the essence of being highly gifted is searching for the answers to these questions.

A lot of highly gifted adults are looking for answers on what highly giftedness is in the direction of intelligence.  That is logical, yes, but it is just a part of the story. Yes, you are intelligent. But you are so much more. Like no other are we interested, already at a very young age, in subjects as the universe, the earth, dinosaurs, history, mankind as a whole. And no one wonders why we are….

My search for the essence of highly giftedness and my experiences in life brought me to the conclusion that the questions above are very important for our development and that of mankind. They are the reason of our existence. De main question we can ask ourselves in life is: Who am I?

When you are looking for answers on highly giftedness purely in the field of intelligence, thinking speed and studying, then I can’t help you. To me highly giftedness is so much more then that. 12 years ago I started writing about the fact that highly giftedness was so much more then easy learning. That part is in The Netherlands now widely accepted. But now I am taking it to the next level: highly giftedness is about having a high level of conscious awareness….

In a nutshell: The essence of highly giftedness:

  • Being able to make far reaching connections between things and see though processes in a profound way. Big or small.
  • To be able to do so you have 5 skills on a very high level: consciousness awareness, sensitivity, creativity, perseverance and intelligence.

Consciousness awareness is the most important of them all. Our ‘biggest’ instrument. Our consciousness awareness makes the difference between ‘just’ being highly intelligent and being highly gifted.

The purpose of highly giftedness

Learn to know yourself thoroughly. Penetrate to the core of your soul and understand how the world and its processes really work. When you have come this far, you have a fair and reliable self image, standing firmly in your confidence and authentic life, you will bring your contribution to this world. You deliver your contribution by being exactly who you are, only then your true qualities will see the light.

Highly giftedness in the right perspective

Welcome to highly giftedness in the new world. At first we need to understand ourselves, before we can ask for understanding of the world around us. How can we explain what highly giftedness is, to people who are not highly gifted, if we ourselves don’t even know exactly what it is?

The search for yourself, your own authenticity, is not always easy. In fact, it is sometimes a very heavy and difficult task. Therefore, you need to have a lot of skills to be good at it. That is why you need to have these instruments at such a  high level. To understand, to keep searching, to persevere, to look at it from all directions, to make far reaching connections just to be able to see how it all works. Fear often prevails. Makes that we want to escape. And yet you have to stand tall and face everything that frightens you to bring out the best in you. Fortunately, you are no longer alone. On this website you will find lots of information about what highly giftedness is and what being it means. Based on what I have learned about highly giftedness in the past 12 years. As the first counsellor in The Netherlands I specialized entirely in talking with highly gifted adults. What I learned is based on information from conversations with thousands of highly gifted individuals, my own experience and information I get from more spiritual sources.

I wish you lots of wisdom during your search and know you are always welcome in my practise or at a session trough skype to have a deep conversation about you and how you can get closer to your own authenticity.

With Love,


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Highly Giftedness in the right perspective