Do you dare to face your fears?

Do you? Are you aware of how much your fears limit you? Even though on the outside it looks as if you are in control, the inside knows better. We are brought up in a way that we all have fears, it is a collective energy. We are afraid to be who we really are, afraid of what others might think, to really stand out. We all have fears, lots of them, and we are here to change them. To find our strength, to stand with confidence. We have learned that life is about a career, materials things, wealth. But it isn’t. It is about you. At the end of the line, when you take your last breath, it was all about you, and who you were, how much you have grown.

The only one who can get you out of the limitations of fear is you. No one else can make you do it. If you want to face your fears you have to be open to change. You have to change. And that is frightening for most people. Cause who is left, what is left, if you take out the programming? Who are you really? Who are you when your heart is leading and not your head?

What do we learn? You can not change someone else if he or she does not want to. If the ‘other’ does not have room for change within himself, you can talk, and talk, and talk. You can have all the right reasons lined up, but if there is no room for change, things stay the same. That’s the right part, okay. But most of the time when you can’t change the other person you give up and go on the same way too. I can’t change him or her or the world so why bother?

So if you want to change the world around you, you are dependent of if the other wants to change? We think we do. We are told it works that way. But it doesn’t. The truth is a different one. If you change, the world around you starts to change with you. It really does. You lead the way. Your way. In your world.

And that scares the hell out of most people….

Everyone who had the guts to face his fears and returned to being his true self, will confirm it: when you change, the world around you changes with you. It will be worth it. People will react differently because you react differently. Mostly for the better. Sometimes not. And most of the time that is because they (unconsciously) dislike that you dared to change, while they are too scared to do so.

What is there to gain from change and becoming the real you? You will Love yourself, and other people will Love you for it. They know who to Love, because they know who you are.
What do you do, when you feel someone is wearing masks or putting up a front? You keep your distance, you are careful in connecting. So with being ‘someone else’ then who you really are, you will push people away instead of making the connection you want so bad.

Dare to go the road to your heart, find the real you, the one you were as a kid without the influences from the outside world. But now the adult version. Do it. For you. For no one else. Just for you. And we will Love you for it. You will never be alone.